Let’s Build!


is a bespoke consulting practice that specializes in vitiating inequities in nonprofits, small business, and government by curating inclusive, equitable, anti-racist community discourse for clients and their external and internal partners. Founded by Dennis Maurice Dumpson, #InvestBLK specializes in inclusive community building and working directly with organizational leaders, boards, and stakeholders.

We share up to 50% of our profits with Black and marginalized communities through our BAE Fund.
Through a mix of training, workshops, facilitation, moderating, and strategy development, we assist people, communities, institutions, and organizations in realizing and evolving their racial literacy and community development opportunities.

Our work is distinguished through a niche, yet integrated offering built on the foundation of key competencies: anti-racist visioning, community design, and radical vision.

We Value

and believe in the value of honoring the various forms and expressions of ALL communities as essential tools for our learning and development.

We Respect

collaboration, adaptation, and cultural diversity, and all our consultants provide the highest standards of honesty, ethics, and professional competence.

We Help

our clients clarify next steps by brokering new (or deepen existing) relationships with communities and partners; providing qualitative, quantitative, and empirical evidence and scans derived from current and potential customers.

We Are

dedicated to leaving a legacy as a result of our training, workshops, facilitation, moderating, strategy development, and collaborative community design techniques.

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