Our highest ambition is to encourage Black folk and those closest to inequities to reimagine everything.

Through BLK & Empty Fund's (BAE) modest, fail-safe funding, we invest in visions, dreams, and ideas that embrace and reimagine Black life and community.

Mission + Vision


Our mission is to develop a network for Black folk and historically marginalized groups dedicated to reimagining Black life and community by providing fail-safe funding, technical assistance, and access to networks to grow their visions, dreams, and ideas.


We envision a world where Black folk (and all people marginalized by and within this American society) can dream, think, create, build, develop, and author their futures without barriers to capital and networks of support. We believe in providing fail-safe capital that does not penalize a person or community for not meeting metrics, instead we invite Black folk and various communities to try new things regardless of the opportunity for success or failure. Our impact is defined by engaging as many of our folk as possible in activating new ideas and reimagining everything around us.

Interested in Being part of our Advisory Council?

Would you like to be part of our volunteer advisory council? You can help us define the best ways to support Black folk and communities marginalized by society. if so, drop us a line, so we can build something beautiful together!